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A comparison between the slow drift of attention taken from film and moved to Television, taking Game of Thrones as the prime example.
Ericsson recently launched a survey ConsumerLab about the level of indulgence watching or viewer of streaming TV/movie and videos through Smarthpohone, then the results achieved from this survey is quite astonishing.
If we are dead in time then if your will laugh you will be dead if you are crying you will dead then laugh
This is a fantasy, based on Twenty20 cricket. All characters and places are imaginary.
Dedicated to what's in and what's out get your gossip here. I will bring you the best Fashion trends out there. The stuff that will shock. Think of me as TMZ. I will have your stories here really fast. I also accept message asking me to cover a story.
The Fast and Furious series of Bollywood is back " DHOOM 3", 7 years wait is it worth it ?
Okay, the movie is over, you are about to leave, but then you realize you want to see who the Best Boy was on this film. The what?
What is entertainment? How huge is this domain? What opportunities does this domain provide? Find everything in this section
Movies are the best part-times when you feel bored. Some are movie freaks and would catch up with every movie that has been released recently.
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