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A look at the current glut of superhero movies and the problem facing all of them. A frustrating look at their repetition and examples of how they should change.
A comparison between the slow drift of attention taken from film and moved to Television, taking Game of Thrones as the prime example.
Ericsson recently launched a survey ConsumerLab about the level of indulgence watching or viewer of streaming TV/movie and videos through Smarthpohone, then the results achieved from this survey is quite astonishing.
This is a fantasy, based on Twenty20 cricket. All characters and places are imaginary.
Dedicated to what's in and what's out get your gossip here. I will bring you the best Fashion trends out there. The stuff that will shock. Think of me as TMZ. I will have your stories here really fast. I also accept message asking me to cover a story.
1960's Classics family Movies for everyone who loves romantic ,creepy scary, and even cheesy horror movies.
My review of Rocky Balboa. My summary and thoughts. Spoilers!
My review of Rocky 5. My summary and rating. Spoilers alert!
I review Rocky if you have not seen it beware of spoilers.
The final installment of "The Hangover" is back. The comedy franchise to all the wolf pack fans will set you off on another adventurous laughter once again.
This article is about remaking the old movies in to a new one
What is entertainment? How huge is this domain? What opportunities does this domain provide? Find everything in this section
News and Nonsense: a Blog about what has happened this week in the news, with a little nonsense of opinion and ranting.
Sin is like a rush of wild wind...a hurricane or tornado sweeping everything in its way...leading to death and destruction
I'm so tired of hearing about the personal lives of celebrities.
We see many movies based on books, but what happens when popular mainstream books are adapted into movies? Everyone has an opinion on how it should be made, am I right? What do you think would make a better movie?
Hollywood is Funny and if it is not, I am making funny of American Hollywood Movies. Check how funny can it be.
This Bollywood Movie, I Hate Love Storys is a spicy hot funny and romantic movie which has create magic towards the audience.
If you are the type of individual that needs to see a movie that is believable, and based on actual life events, then you most likely should not watch "Crank: High Voltage," starring Jason Statham.
Have you ever thought that you can earn money by watching movies? I don’t talk about some pay to view TV channel. I’m telling about a serious job that relate to your movie watching hobby.
Baby Mama Drama: Mel Gibson Files For Restraining Order Against Oksana Grigorieva
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