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A look at the current glut of superhero movies and the problem facing all of them. A frustrating look at their repetition and examples of how they should change.
A comparison between the slow drift of attention taken from film and moved to Television, taking Game of Thrones as the prime example.
This is a fantasy, based on Twenty20 cricket. All characters and places are imaginary.
Dedicated to what's in and what's out get your gossip here. I will bring you the best Fashion trends out there. The stuff that will shock. Think of me as TMZ. I will have your stories here really fast. I also accept message asking me to cover a story.
This is the place where you can see the mistakes of movies. Here I posting about the matrix. Mistake of the Movie Matrix. for more information you can like my FB page or check my wikinut profile regularly.
My review of Rocky Balboa. My summary and thoughts. Spoilers!
My review of Rocky 5. My summary and rating. Spoilers alert!
My review and summary with spoilers of Rocky II. A fantastic story continues.
I review Rocky if you have not seen it beware of spoilers.
Let's take a moment and think about the last time an original film was made for the big screen. A good movie. Let's say -- an action movie. When my mind scrambles for an action movie with some originality, it just continues to scramble. Where have all the good scripts gone? To sequels...
What is entertainment? How huge is this domain? What opportunities does this domain provide? Find everything in this section
Captain Caprivi could think of only one way to free a bayonet that was stuck like this, he squeezed off a burst of three rounds of 9 millimeter parabelum, full metal jacketed bullets into the dead terrorists chest, The lightning fast rounds cut through the gaping wound left by the bay...
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