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This story first appeared in Storytime Tapestry, the Alvinston newspaper and it was written August 2005, and you think by now that the housing situation in Montreal would improve but it has not. It has gotten worse.
Whoa what a moving experience I had in 2005. I do not want to I had to leave me previous house by the 31st of August. While I was vacationing in Alvinston, Ontario, my son had a flood and a small kitchen fire. As soon as I got back home, I was faced with an eviction not...
This article is about a move I made in 2005. It is just a bit about everyday life.
It is the 1960's and the Newfoundland Provincial Government is encouraging the people of small, isolated communities to move to larger centres. This is the story of one such community and an old man determined to remain in the place he had always called home.
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