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An article on moving USA in New York. Find useful advise of how to transfer your precious belongings without any blemish.
We all know for a fact that not all possessions can be handled the same way while packing and moving your stuff to your new abode
My offices and editing studio have been where they were since 1996, and I never thought I'd want it somewhere else. One afternoon I take an afternoon nap, and during my sleep I think about moving my offices and studio to a room in Lordly House.
There are many ways to destroy things, but some ways are more interesting than others. An interesting way that was introduced to us recently, was Harrison and Mary's way of destroying their brand new furniture.
While Father and I drive back from the Holistic Health doctor, mother calls on the phone. She sounds exhausted and tired, and asks that we please come fetch her and take her home now. They have spent all day moving Auntie Marienne and her husband Kees into their new apartment.
So what do you do when you think it's time to retire and move in to a brand new place you can retire in, but you like your current home and don't want to move? Well, if you're my parents you just build a new wing on the same property and retire to that. Viola! All new surroundings ...
The disadvantages and advantages of moving become clear quickly when dealing with work, a young child and everything in between.
How to move with a cat? How to take your cat with you when you travel? The best way to transport a pet cat. How to take a cat with you in a car.
this page talks about the way children go through hard times when situations force them to move home to the streets. it is not a happy experience.
There is such a thing as the Ultimate Declutter and Downsize.
New neighbors are moving into the old neighborhood. Can a dragon and a vampire become friends?
This story first appeared in Storytime Tapestry, the Alvinston newspaper and it was written August 2005, and you think by now that the housing situation in Montreal would improve but it has not. It has gotten worse.
Whoa what a moving experience I had in 2005. I do not want to I had to leave me previous house by the 31st of August. While I was vacationing in Alvinston, Ontario, my son had a flood and a small kitchen fire. As soon as I got back home, I was faced with an eviction not...
This article is about a move I made in 2005. It is just a bit about everyday life.
This is one of my older stories about the problems I had with rented apartments.
It was a long time in coming but I finally moved. I just want to start by apologizing to everyone who has not gotten a comment from me in awhile. With the move and all, I got behind. I did read your wonderful articles though. Now let's talk about the move and why I call it the move fr...
I lived 18 years in the same house and 21 years in another. I hate moving and I had lived for years in slum houses after that.
A personal story of how my life journey had came to be where it is now.
No matter how we move forward moving is a change that takes time to adjust to it. There are many ways to move forward.
A little planning and attention can help in transporting your belongings safely when you have to relocate yourself. tips that are simple but at the same time very useful.
Anyone who has ever moved can sympathize with my headaches of moving from Pennsylvania to Florida with two Siamese cats yammering in the back of the car all the way down Route #95 and #75.
Many have not heard the word came to me out of the blue so I wrote this piece...actually it means nothing and since no thing is the perfect state to be in, this is very apt. However, all perfection dies as it is part of the physical world...enjoy...
What happened to July, already so many days have gone in the month so far. Time does wait it just goes.
Moving can be both stressful and expensive. But the more that can be planned out in advance, the saner the move will feel. Anything you don't have to move is a bonus your back and legs will thank you for. But sometimes the purging causes stresses of other kinds.
Living in a rural area can be hard for only children. Without siblings or neighbors, there are only parents (homework & video games) to fill the hours. This can lead to frustration and loneliness. Some kids in rural areas are still the life of the party. Other times, it just isn't eno...
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