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In recent times, there has been a slew of hi-tech mp3 players available at highly affordable prices, and one wonders if the traditional walkman is not fast becoming obsolete.
MP3 players are audio devices that can be used to play music. MP3 players can also be installed on PCs, and there is a variety of MP3 player software. However, both rely on MP3s for their audio.
Review of several free Android apps. App reviews on the market or Google Play are sometimes skewed and bias. This is a `personal use' review by the author.
Let me tell you how you can get a free speaker for your iPhone, mp3 player or any smartphone that have same quality with additional speaker that sold in the market.
This is a tech review for the Sylvania SMPK4230 4GB Mp3 player that I bought from Amazon.
Ipod frozen? Follow these simple steps to reset your device.
Hearing Loss in America is on the rise, and this is something we all don't want to hear
The iTunes is an exclusive software that Apple created years ago to power a music player either on a computer or a device such as an iPod. The iPad is baled with the latest version of the iTunes, version 9.1
A review of the 32 GB iPod touch- What features does this have for students and professionals?
It is possible to not only download but also convert videos into iPod, Mac or Windows format from YouTube using the below mentioned websites.
Here's a quick guide to using your HTC Desire phone with your existing iTunes music collection.
These few tips you should consider when buying a mp3 player.
The Philips SA 3114 is almost the size of a credit card. The basic features are there and it's suitable for people who just want a simple MP3 player for entertainment. More will be discussed below.
Samsung PY-P2 MP3 player, is it a worthy contender?
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