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What happens when a dream is more than a dream? It may become the stuff of legendary nightmares.
Blazer and his school soccer team play a game on a very muddy field.
The season of fall has a great significance to the life of every human being. Fall to the ground is to decay, build up strength and to rise up in spring.
Two boys helping a fugitive to get a boat fixed ... At least now I know how the Mississippi looks.
The one time I decide not to go barefoot is the one time I lose my boots.
In the Great War two friends joined the army together and came from the same village. They grew up together and were like brothers. One of the friends was killed in the scared fields of war. His friend keeps him company until the Angels come to take him away.
In the great war men slept in freezing cold trenches dreading a new day. Laying in frost and snow they reflect on their chances.
A story of a funeral during the great war. A hero is buried by his regiment and his name is carved in stone.
This poetry I have written is about passion and lust between man and woman.
After birth, a moment of most intense for the newly released moms, many of them decide to take matters into your body and try again in the shortest possible time, as before, or as close before you know they would deal with pride pregnancy.
In this article I endeavor to try to try and unravel the black lacey veil draped over the role-play genre known as ERP (Erotic Role-play). It has been a sore point and topic of much contention for years and we are still no closer to any definitive conclusion as to its merits in the ho...
This is a Poem been dedicated to Pregnant women in Labor. It simply brings out the tough experience they go through, the pains they suffer from and their reaction during this situation. Some even go as far as cursing and hating (their Men, especially)..... But everything is for a whil...
Shortly after making the poem 'Auditorium Horror', I wasn't through yet in making something and in about a half an hour later, came this dark little poem. This one was inspired by how I look and see people in the future. Which my viewpoint isn't very bright. Comments are open.
I noticed one day how different my two kids are from each other, my girl loves frills and dolls but my boy is adventurous and loves the outdoors.
There are two different cultures between West Java and South Kalimantan although both are in the same country, that is Indonesia.
~ intents of the corpse ~ home green moss bones ~ we ain’t dumbed down enough ~ nails in our eyes ~ pinned to the brain bored ~ eatin’ chiicken ~ enjoying intercourse with monsters ~ don’t tell me how to spell ~ like witches dew ~ anointing the pissant ~
An US based company is supplying the "Click and Grow" boxes for house plants, every care is taken by the computer
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