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Mathematics is a subject that should be taught both in elementary, junior high, or high school. In high school Math material usually taught is the development of materials in education before, such as logarithms. Logarithm is a Mathematical operation that is the inverse of the exponen...
Do you know how to write computer programs? If you not know, just look through some basic C++ programs using arithmetic operators such as addition(+), subtraction(-), Multiplication(*), division(/) and fractional part etc. This article also contains download link of free software that...
Double 4 and add the right neighbor (there is no right neighbor to 4 so add 0) 4*2=8+0= 8 Move left double 3 and add the right neighbor 4 3*2=6+4=10
We often need to multiply huge numbers within a very short time. The traditional methods of multiplication can not give desired results in such cases. With a few tricks multiplications can be done at a very fast speed.
Nine Times Tables are arguably the most mysterious and interesting part of multiplication tables. There is a fascinating way to learn and remember your nine times tables. Here's what your teacher never taught you.
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