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This article is all about Tips and tricks fro new songwriter who are using garageband app
In the 80s and 9Os Michael Jackson had earned the title ‘King of Pop’. He became a global figure. What happened to this legendary artist in later years is food for thought for the rest of the world. Only if somebody had intervened and stopped his addiction to prescription drugs.....
The article describes different types of music, and when it's better to listen.
A guide for journalists who would like to create their own music bot
A guide for music journalists who want to know how to create their own music bot.
The group of Ladies who Latte, hosted a Funday by the Clock Tower on Sunday. It was the first time for this event, was it a success? Read on to find out more
Whither I go, whatever sees me, I may run away and I may not.
An article upon how music is used to support marketing. How music aids in the better connection of listener, viewer with music and the product being reached out to them. A brief yet thorough report
Slice The Pie - a new website that pays you to listen to songs. Is it worth the time?
Many of you will know me by my writer's name johnny dod, but for fifty years I have worked under my stage name Johnny Day
The Manager of ASDA at Cheetham Hill store in Manchester has introduced a Quiet Hour to help customers with autism, and other disabilities, who find a quiet environment less stressful. Read on to find out more about it.
Music is life it heals wounds and hurts provided you listen by your heart
Keeping your own personality when you write stories is very special. Be a Cheeto while the rest of the planet is full of Fruit Loops.
Shockwaves are being felt throughout the music industry as several high profile musicians and other women in the business come forward with allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against the CEO of a major music public relations firm, exposing the pervasive sexism and male-domin...
Some predict a type of smart-chip, which reads the host's music taste and surrounding, can automatically choose and play songs, of which the host is best fond at the given moment.
Electronic music is one of the popular aspects of creating music in the modern generation.
For the young man, music was everything.he needed to heal his own soul.
This article is a review of a small but powerful work by the Indian spiritual master, Hazrat Inayat Khan. Behind every note of music flows the energy of love. All music has been heaven sent. It is written with the help of the hands of the Gods. We are one of these Gods when we listen...
Mother's sister's music school is hosting an organ concert by the one and only Marrick Max, the world famous organ player. And so, Mother's sister Levenice asked Mother to buy tickets and support the event. Well actually I found out later Mother said whether Mother attends the conc...
This morning I come into Lordly House. Ah, such a lovely place this is... beautiful calming furniture, atmosphere of royalty, piano playing by itself... PIANO PLAYING BY ITSELF??? WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
"That was absolutely pathetic", says some people when they hear someone they think cannot sing. But what if someone who can't sing, wants to sing anyway come hell or high waters?
Music... is there anything music can't do? Yes. But now let's get on to my encounter with Snoop Dogg.
Harrison and I have started a music venture earlier this year. First, my job was to make the music videos, and Harrison is our singer "Josh Mercury", and he makes the music and writes the songs and so on. Later on as things developed, it seems I also do the website now.
It's Sunday and Harrison and I have an appointment for 9am. We are going to design a website for Josh Josh Mercury, his brand of music.
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