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Many of you will know me by my writer's name johnny dod, but for fifty years I have worked under my stage name Johnny Day
Music is life it heals wounds and hurts provided you listen by your heart
For the young man, music was everything.he needed to heal his own soul.
This article is a review of a small but powerful work by the Indian spiritual master, Hazrat Inayat Khan. Behind every note of music flows the energy of love. All music has been heaven sent. It is written with the help of the hands of the Gods. We are one of these Gods when we listen...
It's Sunday and Harrison and I have an appointment for 9am. We are going to design a website for Josh Josh Mercury, his brand of music.
Interesting moments from the lives of famous composers.
It takes a short while to lose a friend, but a casual encounter to renew it.
From Classical Music to Blues Music of the 30s, and even into the modern era,,,
A thoughtful look into a highly anticipated album and how it could make or break a young musician's career.
One of the most Talented Guitarists of our time came from humble roots and has become a legendary talent that is respected and admired throughout the world.
I love words,,, so often they light up my soul and passion shines through. I also want to dedicate this to Joe Cocker...he came forward at a great time of change when he and others like him were able to help transform the world..
music at full volume, sweet melodies dancing, debauchery, almost insane. music at full volume, sweet melodies dancing, debauchery, almost insane!!!!!
Being a musician sometimes is a good way to collect the coffers of wealth, especially if you are already have a big name (branding) then absolutely the money simply flowed into the pockets ranging from concert revenue, album royalties, the salary up to a sponsor. This applies globally...
Do you know when is the perfect time to compose a song and when is the worst time to compose a song?
The beautiful sound of music was her beautiful muse, the one who made her feel like a better person.
Minilyric is software that is very useful for you who love listening to music. With the mini lyric you do not have to search lyric by browsing in google.
A poem taking a look at a modern country (not labeling a singular one) and speaking about the subtle formula society has created. Asking simply for the reader to look around them with an open mind and look past the media. My second attempt at poetry and my first time posting to this ...
Ho!, wait, stop, hold on. I have a story for you to withdrawn. Hey! wait, don't leave, come on. I won't bite, its alright.
I’ve been editing and posting the chapters to my novel of late with the intention of giving the whole thing away after it was pirated from Smashwords by general-ebooks.The events that follow have interrupted my wah as it were. Sometimes life just gets in the way. I put away my sword...
Your venue is set, the decorations are organised, and you know exactly how your venue will look. Now to create the mood! Music is an essential part of any event to not only add a background noise but to impart the sense of mood you would like to create. In Part 4 of the series, I will...
The Red Paintings are a unique band headed by a very unique person. Their debut album, "The Revolution is Never Coming," is an album that will take you on a journey not only of fantastic music but also of realisation and understanding. This is a review of the album.
The article shows how a supergroup like Journey also helps people and hopes other people helps too the cause.
This song is about my inward pain in how no one's listen,and how i'm going insane and dying because of it.
this article is about people who dont have fame but are shadows of famed people like managers, families and other friends.
this article made by myself its how the fame will burn your desire to keep with music and why people who got talented waste it. I really care about music and expected people who play it keep with the music bussiness
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