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Many of you will know me by my writer's name johnny dod, but for fifty years I have worked under my stage name Johnny Day
Music is life it heals wounds and hurts provided you listen by your heart
Shockwaves are being felt throughout the music industry as several high profile musicians and other women in the business come forward with allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against the CEO of a major music public relations firm, exposing the pervasive sexism and male-domin...
A thoughtful look into a highly anticipated album and how it could make or break a young musician's career.
music at full volume, sweet melodies dancing, debauchery, almost insane. music at full volume, sweet melodies dancing, debauchery, almost insane!!!!!
It is a magical moment one day I have waited a long time hoping for a miracle, a special event.
Being a musician sometimes is a good way to collect the coffers of wealth, especially if you are already have a big name (branding) then absolutely the money simply flowed into the pockets ranging from concert revenue, album royalties, the salary up to a sponsor. This applies globally...
Halloween and the entire month of October is a popular time for ghost hunters to check in at the Surgeons House Bed & Breakfast. The ghost walk has grown in popularity over the years and allows visitors to have a glimpse into the many historical monuments that are located in Jerome an...
An insight into what goes on before that favourite band goes on the stage.
A poem taking a look at a modern country (not labeling a singular one) and speaking about the subtle formula society has created. Asking simply for the reader to look around them with an open mind and look past the media. My second attempt at poetry and my first time posting to this ...
A word about songs, Words for a Purpose. About Life and Love. Songs written with Feelings.
Is there some trick to download GarageBand for Windows for free? Yes you can install GarageBand software on your PC with a few simple tricks.
Your venue is set, the decorations are organised, and you know exactly how your venue will look. Now to create the mood! Music is an essential part of any event to not only add a background noise but to impart the sense of mood you would like to create. In Part 4 of the series, I will...
The Red Paintings are a unique band headed by a very unique person. Their debut album, "The Revolution is Never Coming," is an album that will take you on a journey not only of fantastic music but also of realisation and understanding. This is a review of the album.
The article shows how a supergroup like Journey also helps people and hopes other people helps too the cause.
this article made by myself its how the fame will burn your desire to keep with music and why people who got talented waste it. I really care about music and expected people who play it keep with the music bussiness
heres my tips about how avoid frustration playing music
The search for the true voices of the Eagles will always be active. After 40 years of fame, who deserves credit for all the hard work?
A short poem about music and someones love for the guitar.
My review of the 1985 wrestling album which was the soundtrack of the world wrestling federation at the time.
The essence of a piece of art, music or dance is its message. But how is this created? And how can we teach young artists to develop artistry?
Summerfest also known as "The Big Gig" started in 1968. The event was thought of by then city's mayor Henry W. Maier. He was inspired by his visit to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Maier envisioned a similar ethnic-themed festival in Milwaukee, and in 1962 formed a panel of business...
Guitar is a musical instrument that uses a cable to produce sound. Generally, the guitar is made with six straps, but four seven, eight, ten and twelve guitar cables unusual, is also available.
It is important for the music store to provide their clients with the best quality and durability. big music stores have lots of products you can choose from, especially if you have not decided on the type of instrument you want to learn how to play.
Before they were the famous, all bands had to do one thing first: Select a stage name!
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