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Malaysia is indeed an Islamic finance haven in the present era, but the nation's journey from being a British ruled colony to transforming into a thriving market-led economy is also an interesting one. Let's delve into the journey of this vibrant Asian economy from gaining independenc...
God encouraged Jesus as He was walking up the hill. God told Jesus that He could make it and that God was walking right beside Him as He walked each step closer.
The piece is a first-hand account of the people participating in a rally in support of cattle protection laws in India-- on February 28, 2016.
Having followed ISIS in the media, I had very pessimistic views on Muslims, but then I met someone who changed my whole perspective. Not just a Muslim, but my friend.
This morning, November 4, 2014, a Christian couple and their unborn child were burnt alive over a blasphemy accusation. They leave behind three children. Pakistan's blasphemy laws have long been in contention, but it seems that many are engaging in vigilante justice as well.
"Blasphemy" is Asia Bibi's only voice to the outside world. A short read, it is a glimpse into her thoughts and emotions as she waits, condemned to death by hanging for her religious beliefs. Much has passed since the writing of this book, but it is worth the read.
Love JIhad is starting to take center stage in India both socially and politically. But what is it? Is it even for real? And what can be done about it?
While a prayer vigil was being held for Asia Bibi, a woman sentenced to death by hanging for her religious beliefs, another woman was in court, trying to save herself from a forced marriage and conversion.
Two Coptic Christians shot, decapitated, hands cut off, and buried in a backyard. The suspect is in custody and has been indicted on multiple counts. Yet, the national media isn't covering this story. Find out about the case here.
Who is the man behind Islamic Caliphate? From al Qa'ida in Iraq (AQI) to Islamic State (IS), read about it here.
According to PhD John Gray, in his book “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, <>, so the woman’s choice to marry a man that is alien not only in terms of “planet...
Jesus Christ is described in scripture as a 'rock of offense'. This explains why Christianity is often shunned in a world that values its political correctness. Christ did not come to bow before a god of political correctness.
This thriller keeps the reader spellbound with its all-too-realistic scenario of religious zeal that threatens the lives of innocent people. The characters woven into the story had to choose between money, power, or the things that were more important, and their lessons learned were s...
Is terrorism what we think it is? Do we need to change our attitude towards muslims?
Wudu is a cleaning ritual for Muslims. It is an essential part of their everyday prayer and there are certain specific rules for Wudu.
It's 2013 and the Holy month of Ramadan is here... What Muslims and non-Muslims alike must know!
Hijab in the light of the Qur'an and Hadith : This chapter is based on an authoritative Arabic book titled Hijab al-Mar'ah al-Muslimah fil Kitab was-Sunnah, by Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albani, a famous scholar and traditionist. It was translated by the writer, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan a...
Three inheritances from Abdullah, and two inheriteances from his son, Prophet Muhammad.
Imam al-Ghazali is a most popular Muslim scholar in the world. Special in Indonesia, many Islamic education institution provide his book as main subject for students.
The contrast in beliefs between the Muslim outlook and that of Christ is demonstrably different.
Do you remember a simpler time, when we were carefree, and crime wasn’t so prevalent? When we left our doors unlocked, before we felt in danger all the time? Read more:
The Muslim community in Tacloban City (Philippines) considered the anti-Islamic film "Innocence of Muslims" insulting and offensive to their faith - although they said that they will not protest violently against it and that they would instead wish the people to stop publicizing it. S...
Riots in Assam were not communal. Deeming the violence to be a religious conflict is a misunderstanding.
"First, they came for the Muslims...", writes Chris Hedges. Will they be coming for us next?
Determining the pitfalls of cultural differences in marriage outside of your faith
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