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I really didn't have a good life until I start having kids. My last son saved my life and his just by coming a month early. I didn't know I had C.H.F. and if it wasn't for my son coming one month early I probably would have died giving birth to him. Many people have rabbit feet for lu...
Have you ever asked this question to yourself?? Who Am I? If not.......go through it & then ask..?? This poem is about the different stages of life you pass through. You grow infant and die old. You live so many lives in between and unknowingly you tend to forget.....A life that enric...
The fleeting shadow Lurks in the dark murky meadows It watches in the distance At the walking figure Of a lonely fellow
Follow this insightful advice to leave your children with integrity before you die and leave this earth:
Why does my body Yearn for the flesh Of a woman’s temple Carnal pleasures
I am wearing thin My eyes look bleak And my body is so weak I can’t get to my feet
My ponderous thoughts make me so breathless Could it be the reason for me to be so listless? Is that why my mind is so malicious Is that wh...
Burn slow baby Let that sweet aroma rise as the stars shine bright... Burn slow baby Let that haze seep deep as I forever blaze...
Why do I exist? For what reason am I here on this God forsaken planet Which scriptures of the world am I to believe? The ancient dead religions of Babylon?
Mystic forces swim in me They deceive the very thoughts that make me Within me, they breed to an extent which confines me
PLEASURES OF THE FLESH Oh, the pleasures of the flesh How sweet is the taste of a succulent breast Oh, how the loving warm embrace
I want to feel the sun On my face It makes my heart beat At a steady pace It makes me realize Life is not a race For my inner turmoil Its warmth is my cure And of that I am sure
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