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My Life, I waste We all have our own lives Some live till late some live even after death In human minds for a while..What will be my fate ??
On that night much dances around the fire a form of celebrations. On that night the Blue Eyes in the Sky asked if he could have a girl. He was told that for that it is needed a very good trade! The problem was he had nothing left but the animal that my great grandfather was in love w...
A time to travel to new and far away places for a very young child can be very scary. Even with all of the love, communication is need to help along the way.
I wrote this last night after seeing that I feel short and for what, surely nothing that matters in the scheme of things, a little biography, a true story that hope someone enjoys.
This article is a short story, my story, it is the first time I have ever wrote personally about myself online, but I feel compelled to today. The overall moral of this story is how good can destroy evil, I hope all enjoy and some can be helped through my words.
I am totally in control of my life. I am totally confident and positive. I am achieving my goals, I have determination and drive- What you are actually doing here is re- programming your subconscious. If you talk to yourself in a positive way, that's what your subconscious will focus ...
He is just one of my whole friends. He is a good boy. And already 5 years I recognized him
not a normal life, sadness consumes me, need to decipher between what's reality and what's not
My life a story about me, Tellie Marie V. Paz. My journey to writing online articles.
So this is a boring voila type of shindig and honestly, I have no idea what this entails. Let's find out, shall we?
There's nothing left, you should take it all over again, but it's an understatement to end, because they know that's no beginning, nor end. It's boundless. Want and need to see you, even listen to you, no, it's great ... it's endless, and is present every day in my life. I was wrong, ...
Where i`m from poverty is the trademark of life. most people in Jamaica can relate to this poem and as you read you will understand my utter disgust about life in poverty.
I was having a really bad day and I had no positive way to express myself so I put it on paper
What will you leave to tell the world of you? A poem, a song, a heroic deed?
a life that you have no idea of is often a complicated one and if you knew more maybe it wouldn't have been.
A life different but unique, from two continents, and you never know how your life can change, a drastic one if you are undecided.
My new life in Croatia compared to the old one in South Africa, a challenge it is, and will always be no matter what I do there is still so much to think about.
Yes I am back and fully unpacked, I have been gone for a while because we have been in movement, so if you are ready to follow up on my life and my life long lasting tips get started.
Hip hop has just change meaning and form and is fast becoming alive growing legs, wings and flying at such dizzy heights, the boys have made it.
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