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What originally started out as a brief batch of comics for the Mane 6 has grown to now presently include the villains (the 2015 Fiendship Micro)... So with that said here is the 2013 Micro series aka My Little Pony Tales... congratulations, you already used that title for the title of...
Year one of the MLP FIM Pony Ongoing. With Volume 2 coming out in Late September let's look back at the first, and why it's always a good time to read Pony.
This article is about why we should stop bullying MLP fans.
Pony. Pony. Human Pony. We breakdown NYCC and the newest on comic pony, pony on TV, and the long rumored Equestria Academy. We will start off with the comics.
With the new Doctor Who season just starting up, and its comic reviews starting shortly, time to see the present environment for reviewing newest things as we wait for Season 5 of Pony (and Season 1 of Equestria Academy). It's not good news I assure you.
A pony team up that has practically no team up... and still gets a 5 out of 5? My reasoning coming right up.
One of the most popular decades in history, the 80's brought us some of the best music of all times, and with it came a serious impact of how we viewed our favorite artists and music sensations when MTV showed them on air for the first time.
Wrapping up trade paperback 1's content is Issue #4, the Twilight Sparkle Shining Armor team up in the Crystal Empire featuring a crystal ghost and new random assistant ponies including Keith Olbermann pony and... Mario and Luigi pony?!?
New podcasts now available. News on that, upcoming podcasts, 101 Comic Trade list, and possible Late July convention coming to the Kona coast I plan to cover.
Podcasts presently out at 4shared, thinking of expanding to a new place to release podcasts, the present schedule and more.
Aka Equestria Girls 2 warm ups, this summer IDW is giving you the Summer of the Great and Powerful Trixie in three summer issues. Friends Forever #6, and Ongoing #21-#22.
Why didn't anyone tell me 4shared was hiding most of my podcasts?!? I worked hard on those... how to find my podcasts.
New casts are out, but check the upcoming stuff as I work to get my first review on YouTube... and nurse grievances aplenty in Equestria This Week #62.
New podcast and vidcast update, including a new Doctor Who centric cast with big news, and first Voice of Damnatio. YouTube release, this week.
After less than stellar Micro issues can Spike and Princess Celestia fare better in a team up? Let's see...
Updates on podcasts and the Voice of Damnation youtube series as of April 11th 2014
Updates on Podcasts and first update on vidcasts (April 4th)
It's the end of March so updates on this week's podcasts and first attempts to create vidcasts... using this mp3 player.
Hours before the premiere of For Whom The Sweetie Belle Tolls we found out for whom The Cutie Mark Crusaders tolls... they tolled for Jans Animation through a cease and desist order.
New podcasts are now available to check out. What I am reviewing this week in audio format over at 4shared
Applejack, having failed to form a team using Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Spike, must use her default team of Apple Bloom, Big Mac and Granny Smith to fight the Sass-Squash... because she failed to carry the six needed pokeballs to make a full team
After the horrible disappointment of Alex Dr Campi' #1 it's nice to rebound with a good issue.
It is few and far between when pony fails to please... this is one of those moments.
It's our first Retro Weekend though this review only takes us back to 2013... reviews of the Twilight Sparkle Micro incoming!
With the review of My Little Pony Friends Forever #2 close we look at what pony is coming up in the coming months including a new 4 Issue story arc, more princess issues and a new comic for Zecora!
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