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I wrote this last night after seeing that I feel short and for what, surely nothing that matters in the scheme of things, a little biography, a true story that hope someone enjoys.
It's the sweet love waving seconds of my first that I could never forget.
I wrote this poem for the love of someone's life. Guessing she has come in and out of his life. He always knew that he loved her. But did not realize until recently that she was the only woman that he has ever truly loved.
This poem tells us how a teacher enjoy wile she does her duty.
I would do anything for you Because my love for you is true
It is a short poem to someone i hold dearly in life
How does it pain when some leave you?? You want them back in your life for anything, but they're gone, never to come back in your life again!!!
I see my curtains blown by the winds. I know you are with me.
This is a short poem that I have written for my girl to show her how much I care for her and how much I love her, for all its her presence that has made me stronger than ever before and how important it is for me to have her with me.
This is a Birthday wish for my loving wife. There are no cards in the store that say what I feel.
~ the safest of places ~ night pillows & coffee cups ~ familiar kisses ~ that most dangerous of relaxed states ~ was that a whisper ~ that halting gasp of breath ~ or a howling ~ proclamation ~ then there is the fear of spiders ~
Our love works so please don't ask me why, where or when.
God loves you no matter what. Why give up on Him, when He has not!!!!!
No words, just read it and draw their conclusions, stunning
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