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I had a confused idea of life in general and I must find my hope in my future.
This is a book review of a book written by Jim Marrs, author of many books which some could label controversial, such as the Kennedy assassination , and 9/11. His books are easy reading and entertaining.
The mystery of the "Black Dahlia murder still haunts Los Angeles as one of the most gruesome crimes in the history of the west coast city.the brutalized body of the attractive young aspiring model /actress was found by a mother and her young child walking down the street one morning.
Kaco Lake is a beautiful lake which has a very clear water crystal clear even as transparent glass, the lake is never muddy. but who would have thought behind the beauty of this lake holds many mysteries in it with any past history full of question marks until today, it is said, the l...
Short people (Orang Pendek) is the most common name who reported living in the forests of Sumatra island. This animal has been seen and documented for over 100 years by the forest dwellers, villagers, the Dutch colonists, scientists, and rover West.
Love does in mysterious ways.Everyone must be always hopeful and never think life us unfair.It is human that is unfair not life....but only endures.
Song to Alex is a poem dedicated to someone in this world whose name is Alex.If your name is Alex try to read the lines and find out if you are this....What can you say? Are you this Alex? Tell me, share it here, and then create tune on this to make your life beautiful and romantic.
Life is compared to earth.It is felt that life revolves like the planet earth.Life won't prosper if human does not revolve,so with planet earth.It revolve to show day or night for all humans to experience light and darkness.
This poem awakens our senses not to be fools .Love is beautiful only if there is love in return or else suffer the consequence.
This poem seeks answers from someone who seems hard to find and encounter,and only the descriptions of his could prove the search true and real.
Mysteries have always fascinated man. Bermuda Triangle presents another enigma that swallows entire ships and any aircraft flying in the air above. Here we examine another case of missing aircraft and solve the mystery.
Hey there guys! I know it's been a long time since I was here, but I'm back with something new. After trying my luck with manga and partially succeeded, I figured that my true calling was writing. Especially mystery. And if everything goes well, I'll do a few for publishing. So here i...
Recently, researchers has been found a complex of mysterious shaped that like pyramids near the Nile River with the help of Google Earth.
Some people believe that "Death By Fire" is nothing more than a creepy urban legend and a person going up into flames for no reason at all is highly unlikely. However, the funny thing about urban legends is the fact that most of them are based on events that actually occurred.
These poem is a child's confidence, On mother Mary, Who ask her to take care, Of her future.
What a things all of us here have different expectation and thought about life
Personal identity and sense of uniqueness, a name given to us is why the name seems to us in such an important individual and society as a whole heart. Despite their importance, however, most people know very little about the names and their impact on our daily lives. In a very real s...
Sharing a conflict of mine to which few people might relate to.
This poem tells about from where do I get inspirations to write such delightful poems and yes..Is there someone I write these poems for?
Mystery of the Carphatian Sphinx is not a SF story
'Don't worry, it's a minor concussion. It happens all the time in my profession. Well, how was your prize-winning trip to the island?'
As Mike lifted his head up and glared into his eyes, Alex threw up. For inside both his pupils were two Enas.
He was not enjoying this vacation at the slightest but he knew that if Mike was anywhere, then it had to be here.
'Oh, Ena. I'm so glad to see you. I'm really sorry about us leaving like that. It was un-called for.' Ena looked over his shoulder. 'Where is he? Alex turned and saw nothing, but darkness.
April PAD Challenge Day 9 from Robert Brewer this is the 2nd for the two for Tuesday prompt for that day to write a hunter poem.
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