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There are many apparent opposites and contradictions in life and in living. Yet, if we were but to look deeper, these contradictions are not only immediately dissolved, but the dissolution results in new understanding that is at the same time, sweet, beautiful, and profound.
What is the connection between human attributes and divine ones? What practices might help one to achieve divine attributes?
One has to be ruthless in cutting one's ego down to size - this process can be painful, but the rewards are priceless.
When we look around at nature, everything is in harmony, as long as human do not disturb. Everywhere we look, there is evidence of compassion and self-sacrifice. There are many lessons for humans in the observation of nature.
There is charm in the eternal cycle of birth and death, when we place ourselves in the capable hands of a master. The surrender enables progress in terms of evolution from student to master.
All deviations from our natural state of peace and bliss trace back to the ego. A process of erasing the ego leads to dispelling of all illusions, and reveals the true nature of the self, the world, and the interactions between the two. One then sees the latent potential and goodness ...
From the union of compassion and purity is born true love.
This poem is aimed at portraying imagery of the eternal play cycle of human birth, struggle, and realization.
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