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There are lessons to be learned from the sentient and non-sentient beings of our world and of our cosmos.
The road to eternal rewards passes through canyons and hills of toil, and the travel is aided by the presence of our brothers - silence and humility.
It is all to easy to judge others. When we do that, we fail to see truth and beauty.
The dichotomy of world and Self have captured and intrigued human spirit of inquiry for millennia. What is the source and causation of this perceived dichotomy?
Consciousness, mind, and body are superimposed, and this leads to misunderstanding of our true self. Here's a look at the mystical representation of the process.
Sometimes, one develops clarity of understanding on the nature of the world and of the Self, somewhat akin to the rays of light showing through a parting of the clouds. These are a collection of thoughts from such moments of clarity.
What happens in nature, and in man, when pressure builds? One must be alert and watchful to prevent an explosion. One way is to surrender our actions and thoughts to the higher self.
Life can seem to be an experience of continuous struggle against forces that seem to be designed to oppose us, oppose our desires, our ambitions, and our goals. Perhaps, a new lens is needed, to help us reach a state of understanding that would bring strength, wisdom, and equanimity i...
When we use our conditioned mind to give, what we give may not be what others need. When we learn to give from the stillness of the mind, what we give is always of use and comfort to others.
A life of purpose should include giving, serving, prayer and love. The experience of unconditional, true love does not come easy. Giving, serving, and prayer can lead us to true love.
Attachments are strong and stand in the way of personal growth and evolution. Understanding the nature of attachments can then aid in removing them.
A spiritual and metaphorical description of the descent of god and ascent of man.
When we dwell our mind on Him and His ways, we can take delight in all His plays.
The most important secret in life is one for which, to find it, a search is futile.
Some of the poems describe the nature of the true self, and the advent of misconception of the true self as a result of human birth and "knowing". Other poems describe human character and behavior, and an opportunity to look in the mirror and "know thyself": -- Uttik
Esoteric Poetry for Mind Expansion and Spiritual Unification
Mysticism a spiritual concentration that leads one beyond the senses and intellect into a super conscious state of ecstatic rapture, where the union of the self takes place with the Divine Power. Literature, since ages is recording these experiences and unveiling these divine pleasure...
The pineal gland often called our third eye even has a primal lens left over, quite true, and it has a tendency to develop calcium deposits in some people. Perhaps matching the stories of a gem or pearl found in the head of the mythological Naga or dragon?
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