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All the main religions around the world have their own heaven and paradise stories. But this is not a new concept, mythology shows that people have been questioning what happens when we die for a very long time. Some of the oldest known ancient tribes had there own paradises and heave...
Mythology is a really interesting subject, I find the blend between history and myth, truth and fiction and fantasy and reality is what make it so good. One great race of people in mythology are the Maya. They created pyramid temples and their own religions and creation myths, read on...
There is loads of mythology which has been passed down to us regarding the South Pacific peoples. These islands relatively untouched by the world for thousands of years, are rich in their mythologies. Read on to find out a little about them.
Is it true that Humans only use 10% of brain? If yes what happens when someone bypass this barrier , read on to find out !!!!!!!!
This page is about the ancient Greek hero Heracles. He had to complete many quests and tasks, to achieve his immortality. He is a hero who everyone one loves due to his honourable attitude, read on to find out more about this ancient hero.
Like many places around the world, Australia has it's myths. These myths come from tribes known as the Aboriginals, these tribes had their own ways and stories explaining the creation of the world. Aboriginal myths are known as Dreamtime myths, read on to find out more.
Odyssey is an ancient epic poem, which tells the story of Odysseus and his men. The main story line is about his journey home after the Trojan wars back to Ithaca. This epic is full of action and magic, read on to find out more.
It is the epic of lliad which tells of a great war between Troy and ancient Greece. This story has fed the imaginations of the people, for thousands of years. Although there is no true proof it ever really happend. Read on to find out more about the Trojan wars.
Gilgamesh is an ancient Sumerian epic poem, which is thought to have come from one of the oldest civilizations in history. The Gilgamesh epic is a story of King Gilgamesh, who in fact has been proved to be a real King from ancient Sumeria, read on to find out more
Finn McCool is a character from ancient Irish mythology. Many historians around do now think that the stories of Finn McCool could actually be based on a real ancient Irish warrior. This page contains a lot more about the ancient Irish hero known as Finn McCool.
The small country of Ireland, is a place steeped in mystery and mythology. And one such hero to emerge from Irish ancient tales is Cuchulain. Cuchulain is now known as a brave ancient hero from Ireland, read on to find out more.
Aeneid is an ancient Greek epic which follows a Trojan Prince named Aeneus. It was wrote by a Roman author named Virgil. Read this page to find out more facts, about this fantastic epic.
The second half of the origin story of a boy named Kit Kyubi.
On his thirteenth birthday Christopher "Kit" Kyubi discovers the family secret.
We are all born as warm and loving beings, but we are also born with a dark side, what Christians may refer to as "original sin." In order for us to control or rid ourselves of these demons, we must first make friends with them.
The myth of Atlantis exercises a particularly strong hold on the collective imagination, it is hard to think of another myth that so many people are determined to demonstrate is true. Several sites have been named as the likely geographical position of Atlantis but there is another co...
A Warrior-poet named Zeke wrote these verses as an account of his discovery of Zanar, and his growing knowledge of The Mountain of Shards during what appears to be a fierce war in his world as well as in the stars above it.
So the end of the world is upon us again, this time it is Ragnarok when, according to Norse myth the earth splits asunder (I like that word) and the forces of darkness storm out for a final battle with the gods and heroes. This is not likely to happen of course, but just in case, LET'...
The Minotaur in the Labyrinth - Greek Mythology Research/Report
The myth that says that people can be healthy even though obesity is wrong, according to a study.
There are many versions of folk tales , my source is an eighteenth century book, only 500 copies of which were printed. I was loaned one by the owners of an estate on the Kintyre peninsula, West Scotland. In most versions the captain of the ship that rescues Kirwan is named John Nisbe...
The myth of Atlantis exercises a particularly strong hold on the collective imagination, it is hard to think of another myth that so many people are determined to demonstrate is true. Perhaps this is because the myths of all cultures seem to share a common source. In the civilisation ...
Reflections on the meaning of shepherd, pastor, pastoral, pan ....
This is a meditative reflection on the binarism of experience and mindset, night and day, and the metaphors and myths that live in, shape or are shaped by, this binarism.
Myth and fantasy ..Resting and still basking in times that have lapsed ...makes humans small in front of animals if only they could laugh
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