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Is it true that Humans only use 10% of brain? If yes what happens when someone bypass this barrier , read on to find out !!!!!!!!
So much has already been written on this topic, but as an author my research took me on a journey that enabled me to share the hidden history of our planet Earth through story telling.
Romance is truly in the air on Valentines Day, and apart from the chocolates and flowers, we all enjoy a good Love Story where true love wins out against all odds.. Let me take you back in time into a Greek Mythological Past, where Gods are mighty and mortals frail and the tale of Ero...
There are many Urban Myths. Most of them are not true. Here is the top 10 true urban myth.
Surely Valentine Day is just one of those slushy days made for Lovers and Romantics everywhere isn't it? Ah perhaps today, yet it actually has a deep and historical significance should we delve deeper into its dim distant Past..Read on to discover the fascinating Origins and Tradition...
Myths are inspiring fascinating stories of our ancient living, culture and tradition.
An analysis of Tennyson's brief poem taking into consideration parallel structure, reasons for personification, versification, trochaic substitution, mythological suggestions.
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