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Festivals of Hinduism: Navaratri: Nine nights of festivities.
Several myths about astronomy are explained by refining the search on celestial bodies which conclude with similar ideas which date back to pre-historic times but remained as unbelievable stories which are actually unexplainable facts.
Is it true that Humans only use 10% of brain? If yes what happens when someone bypass this barrier , read on to find out !!!!!!!!
History brings up some myths liek the one of Hiperboreans but still people are wondering is just a myth or pure fact
Myth and fantasy ..Resting and still basking in times that have lapsed ...makes humans small in front of animals if only they could laugh
Myths. A very vague term at times, that it becomes hard to define. Most of the definitions generally include terms such as involving Gods,Goddesses and semi-gods. The best definition according to me is that myths are indeed supernatural happenings on this earth involving some supern...
April the 23rd is St George's Day here in England. A day to celebrate everything English, and to acknowledge the Patron Saint of our country..but how did it all begin? Let me take you to a distant land of Dragons and Knights in shining armour, and fair damsels in distress..
Romance is truly in the air on Valentines Day, and apart from the chocolates and flowers, we all enjoy a good Love Story where true love wins out against all odds.. Let me take you back in time into a Greek Mythological Past, where Gods are mighty and mortals frail and the tale of Ero...
Mythological tales of Medieval times abound in plentiful supply, so let me share my poetical take of a famous Welsh Legend of a faithful hound who lost his life through no fault of his own. Are you sitting comfortably..? Then let me begin...
There are many Urban Myths. Most of them are not true. Here is the top 10 true urban myth.
Surely Valentine Day is just one of those slushy days made for Lovers and Romantics everywhere isn't it? Ah perhaps today, yet it actually has a deep and historical significance should we delve deeper into its dim distant Past..Read on to discover the fascinating Origins and Tradition...
Creation myths of civilizations are very interesting. One can find a common thread in all these mythological stories. Here are ten mythological stories about the creation of the first woman.
All religious texts contain stories, mythological or imaginary, to bring out the philosophy or concepts of their religious teachings. They explain the core philosophy of their dogmas through such stories.
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