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De-bunk all the myths about meditation and use it for your benefit in life.
Is it true that Humans only use 10% of brain? If yes what happens when someone bypass this barrier , read on to find out !!!!!!!!
Every place in this world will have its own myths and folklore. Myths are not just stories or something that has to be rejected as promoting superstitions. Myths need a close watch to understand more about the region and its history.
History brings up some myths liek the one of Hiperboreans but still people are wondering is just a myth or pure fact
Myth and fantasy ..Resting and still basking in times that have lapsed ...makes humans small in front of animals if only they could laugh
Myths. A very vague term at times, that it becomes hard to define. Most of the definitions generally include terms such as involving Gods,Goddesses and semi-gods. The best definition according to me is that myths are indeed supernatural happenings on this earth involving some supern...
I came across a form arguing whether or not to acknowledge the possibility of the existence of dragons. The following is my take on the subject and I am interested to know what your takes on the subject are.
There are many Urban Myths. Most of them are not true. Here is the top 10 true urban myth.
We all see life from our viewpoints and there for sure can never be a universal way to define or portray life...because, life in itself is a contradiction and that is why, since time immemorial, we have been living it -- loving it... here in this poem, i am Illustrating the ironies of...
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