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Not only are toxins found in food but they are still found in the cleaning and beauty products that we use everyday. This article concentrates on toxins found in nail polish,.
Quick and easy way to repair a pair of eye glasses.
The easiest, cheapest and quickest way to do pretty nail art- EVER. Trust me!
Who wouldn't like healthy, strong nails? well, it doesn't have to be a challenge after all! with some simple, inexpensive tips, perfect nails could be just around the cuticle!
This review is for ladies that want glitzy nails without the price of a nail technician.
Here are some easy-to-do and helpful tips to handle and preserve your favorite jewelries. What can you do to preserve and organize them, convenient way to keep your necklaces in your jewelry box, repairing broken beads of necklaces, and the solution if your skin shows irritation weari...
Here, I will tell you how to get great nail art with a DIY method (something I saw on SuperScrimpers last week)...
I love summer holidays and enjoy summer days with family and friends on the beach. I also love outdoor cooking and feel proud when every body likes my BBQ and ask me for the recipes:) One thing I don't like in summer , no, in fact two things. First is feeling sweat and sticky and the ...
Finger nails are important structures that are all too often take for granted. They are not only their to scratch but as important health barometer
Face and hand care are uppermost in a woman’s mind as regards the total beautification of her body. Both of them are visible parts of the body. Nail care is an important part of female beautification.
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