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Taste towards colors has close association with characters. Colors can also change your moods. The color you apply on your nail reveals many things about you.
"What to write???" Is an article about the author trying to figure-out what to write about, and unknowingly writes about a few things.
Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but, in many ways your nails are the window to what’s going on inside your body. Here are some common nail problems and what they mean.
You think that the nail does not have an important function in addition to scratch? You are wrong. It turned into a detector able to nail one's body health. It is said by a dermatologist, Dr. Whitney Bowe on pages.
The skin is the largest organ in the human body and very important as it is of health, medical and beauty importance to us
God has given some skills as gift, a swiss family built a amazing tree on the tree. The tree house is build incredible and it is an amazing ides.
Several types of beauty contests and competitions are going from time to time in different parts of the world. In "Beauty Expo" was held Nail art festival September 22 at Sacramento, California, US.
Henna is a natural red-brown color dye that usually used throughout Africa and South Asia to color the skin, hair and nails.
nail polish from incoco appliques, they are the fashion on our days, and the real trend for trendy
If you get your nails done in Las Vegas, chances are you are catching deadly diseases out there. Find out why
The easiest, cheapest and quickest way to do pretty nail art- EVER. Trust me!
Who wouldn't like healthy, strong nails? well, it doesn't have to be a challenge after all! with some simple, inexpensive tips, perfect nails could be just around the cuticle!
Here's a list of common tips that parents of babies may find handy. From massage oil to water check and even talking to your baby, these tips might help you in your daily care for the baby.
A glass of orange juice can help in enhancing your skin, hairs and nails says by the beauty care experts.
Who would want to be left out when it comes to showcasing your own nail art on YouTube or Facebook. Sporting unusual nail art that is not only unique but wildly different will surely get you noticed, and that without having to spend an absolute fortune on it.
Here, I will tell you how to get great nail art with a DIY method (something I saw on SuperScrimpers last week)...
Get salon quality results by using the same steps used by professional nail technicians.
Here are some interesting facts about your skin, did you know that many diseases can be diagnosed by simply observing the texture of your skin? Read to find out more.
Proteins are essential elements for body building. The 20% of the human body is composed of protein. It is an integral part of all the body tissues and all the living cells that can be found in the muscles, organs, glands, blood cells, enzymes, hormones, antibodies, bones, teeth, skin...
What are two parts of the body which cannot be attacked by cancer?
Hiring a plumber, a carpenter, an electrician, etc. for the repairs needs a lot of money. However, minor defects can be taken cared of by family members.
Shoes that don’t fit well or improperly trimmed toenails cause those painful ingrown toenails. We’ve been warned but here they are. I learned to love playing basketball during my high school days and this was the first time I felt some pain on my foot. Those blisters and callous ...
Are you wanting to look after your nails but don't know where to start? This simple guide will help.
There are many ways to avoid biting nails. Here are few tips or suggestion, which will help every individual to get rid of this habitual disorder.
Almost every one of us has this habit of biting nails. Sometimes, when people get nervous, they bite nails. Some others bite nails because it becomes a habitual disorder. However, do any of us know the severe risk this habit can lead? Here is some information about the diseases that ...
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