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My subject is not too different from those articles that are already published online and are pointing out some tips how to choose the desired website name. However, I may stand for it that my take is something different in choosing a desired domain name which can also be used as a we...
Every Heart beat is within everyone. and within every heart beat is a special persons name
In every war, there are always two sides, fighting and we always think that ours is the best and worth to be supported.
Someone asked the question "Smith is the most common surname in the English speaking world, but has there ever been someone called Smith as US President?" To my knowledge at the time I had to answer that I did not think there had been and neither to my knowledge had there been a Briti...
its about this girl gets her nickname of katiebug and it funny at times and its worth reading i think. ihope you like
Most of the time, the sanitation worker is addressed by the variants of garbage in the local language. See the difference when people respect them also as fellow human beings when they are given little more care and concern, just calling them by their names, not 'names'.
Each name has a set of vibrational frequencies ,ascribed according to the alphabets in each name .All alphabets have a certain value.Those who are interested can ask me, I shall post the value chart over here.
Some religions place great weight on the naming of children. The name depicts the essence of who the person will be. Especially is this so in the Jewish religion, for example. This article purports to say that your birth-name is important in numerological terms also, and it also ind...
Your track record is very important in business. Hence, you should take discomforts to find out properly to handle your own track record and keep your company going strong. Continue reading to learn the best ways to preserve a solid track record for your business.
Personal identity and sense of uniqueness, a name given to us is why the name seems to us in such an important individual and society as a whole heart. Despite their importance, however, most people know very little about the names and their impact on our daily lives. In a very real s...
Sound vibrations generated by one’s name ,create a frequency for an individual's personal name This helps one to know that one is being addressed to, amongst similar sounding names.Like Tom Jones and Tom Brown.
We may do some terrible things in our lives - or we may not - but do we want to be known by those things ? .... Definitely Not !
I pray to God every day Just to take my pain away For you to return to me again For us to love each other again
Have you ever said "I hate my name" because you though it had a negative feel to it? Well let me share a little funny about mine!
New research has shed light on how dolphins communicate to specific individuals.
Name tis each one has a unique name and an unique name value to be in harmony...
How baby names are chosen and why celebrities choose to cause cruelty to their child and slowly deteriate any dignity they may have had. How names are judged and avoided due to things like social class and intelligence.
Sometimes the very thing that hurt us most can turn out for our good .... as it did for me ...
I love God and he is the one that helps me. Makes me a better person. Without him I would be nothing.
There are lot of ways to earn money, the man Joson sadler permanently sold his last name for cash
Happiness Lies within yourself and please don't search it anywhere outside.
Tired of the normal holidays that only seem to stress out both you and your wallet anymore? Here is a list of new holidays that should be made into national holidays that everyone could enjoy!
Please be thoughtful giving the child's name because the name means a lot for one's identity and become a burden which carried by a person in their whole life.
It is a poem expressing my thoughts about my alma mater
Do you want to own your own boat or yacht? If so, then you need to know how to give it a name. Here are some tips!
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