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I am a wife, I am a mother, I am a Christian. Serving God and others. How many husbands calls their wife Old Lady. T
There is a Legend among people of great spirituality that we are giving many spiritual names throughout one lifetime. Some of these names are known to all and some are only known to the person that was giving them. Here is the legend of spiritual names.
I wrote this because I got upset of the boy games guys play when we were younger. so this is dedicated to those that played games with the girls hearts and also to the woman who played with guys hearts too.
Name are very important. Your name says a lot about who you are. Here is three examples of names and the meanings.
Each name has a set of vibrational frequencies ,ascribed according to the alphabets in each name .All alphabets have a certain value.Those who are interested can ask me, I shall post the value chart over here.
A mix-up in my name brought out some delightful yoo-hoos from me as the new name had a colorful meaning in Hindi, one of many languages of India.
Some music bands definitions. Named the way they are, for a reason?
Moving Day is a very dangerous day. Never forget the reach of thy might, thy formless flexibility, thy fluid flow eluding even a name, lest you make it so. Thou art but a muon; there and gone before thou couldst be known, but part of a greater whole.
Isn´t it suspicious that the first names to come up on Coke tins are "Jesus" and "David"? this is at least what I thought when I spotted one of those tinned cans.
Sound vibrations generated by one’s name ,create a frequency for an individual's personal name This helps one to know that one is being addressed to, amongst similar sounding names.Like Tom Jones and Tom Brown.
Have you ever said "I hate my name" because you though it had a negative feel to it? Well let me share a little funny about mine!
This article discusses the origins of various company names.
Name tis each one has a unique name and an unique name value to be in harmony...
An introduction to me as an online writer with many future topics to be covered, including but not limited to: summer, writing, teaching, photography, nature, children, family, friends, love, coffee, chocolate, and much more!
I have, occasionally, been called by a name not my own and it caused me to wonder about misnaming and misjudging. So this piece came from those thoughts.
Please be thoughtful giving the child's name because the name means a lot for one's identity and become a burden which carried by a person in their whole life.
It is a short review of the novel "The Namesake" by Jhumpa Lahiri. I included a short summary and my own reading experience.
The task of naming a newborn is a tedious and exciting mental process that parents have to go through as they wait for their new addition. Parents have several options. They can pick a name from a book or from the website; create one by combining both parents names; give the child t...
Having to watch paltry men try to reach positions of power. The names of great leaders and those that are not. Questioning what is in a name.
Names are given to be used, not to be debased by turning them into cheap abbreviations
Is choosing a generic name a prerequisite for entering the adult film industry? It certainly seems that way. Here are the Top 5 most commonly used names chosen by adult film actresses.
A handy way to remember names of people you have just been introduced to.
When you, (who stand at a precarious juncture, for whatever reason) begin the awesome unconscious probing of your inner nature, a mystifying, yet esoterically scientific approach is often helpful and appropriate. In the study of numerology, specific wave vibrations are attached (att...
The names of two men who are popular in this time, names differ by a consonant.
Numerology is an ancient esoteric occult art and science that reveals pertinent information regarding your birth name and destiny. the actual letters in your complete birth name indicates a specific path...MODE of Cosmic Therapy
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