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The precedent set by Bradford L. Smith unveils a new tendency in the lobbying domain : to supplant governments in favour of big companies.(1) It is an incidental element from which the new era of lobbying(2) can be inferred. The decisive element is to be drawn from the turning point ...
We, as a nation, suffer from apathy, not caring much about those who would destroy this nation – anarchists! Read more:
Two poems about two of the greatest statesman of our time and unique father of their nations.
Reading that the financial markets are strongly for the No vote in the Scottish referendum is enough to make us suspicious.
Its about how i feel about my country's social and political scenario.
A grim look at the reality of where our nation stands as a confused country today.
TheCasablanca Inn at the Bay is listed as one of St. Augustine's most haunted establishments and for good reason, the ghosts are more then evident to all who stay at the elegant boarding house. Built in 1914 and restored in 1941, the Mediterranean revival style bed and breakfast inn t...
people study in a nation, get higher studies and get top ranks and go to other nations for Job. Are we just sitting there to educate you? we want you to be a literate ,young force who can inspire others but Alas, every developing country faces this...Brain Drain.
Scientific and technological advancement is unavoidable if a nation is to participate in modern life absorb its changes.
Its good to know the cultures of other nation and experience their cuisines and delicacies. I am going to tell you the typical way of Filipinos in making their breakfast.
When will we, as true Americans, put an end to this debacle we call government, and restore full faith and honor to our nation?
Indian national flag is a tricolor horizontal rectangular bar, on top saffron, in mid white and at bottom green with a twenty four spokes wheel at center.
This is about saving and preserving our mother earth for new and future generation. Start with oneself and spread it nation wide. This will help people to appreciate and give importance to our nature.
I try to explain and analyse the Syrian situation to give a clear opinion who are not aware of the Syrian situation.
Another goodbye poem, but this time around from the person staying behind. Do enjoy it.
Yesterday will go down in history as the day an heir to the throne was born. It sparked off the feel good feeling in Britain once again at a time when we need it. Read on to find out more.
A fiction, just to evoke a bit of Nationalism in a way that I perceive it.
April the 23rd is St George's Day here in England. A day to celebrate everything English, and to acknowledge the Patron Saint of our country..but how did it all begin? Let me take you to a distant land of Dragons and Knights in shining armour, and fair damsels in distress..
Why won’t our leaders stand up to the usurper, who trounces on everything Constitutional, and wants to change everything good about a great country? The should grow one pair to at least share in Congress, and quit being the ninny-babies they are – just grow a backbone!
When in the course of human events, we experience the worst, we assume right off that it must be a dream nightmare, only to have reality thrust upon us!
November PAD Challenge Day 30- write a Milk poem. In this case about our nation.
To watch, to behold, the agony of our nation as she is being killed – liberty thrown away!
Maybe it is time to change our leadership and government? Read more:
Ever watch those shows on TV where they visit the coolest places, and see the most unusual diners and things. Well, there are a couple that make big meals, and one is the Mega Burger. Here is my ode to that colossus!
this are lyrics straight from my heart. they show my yearnings an desire for what my nation should be like and the state of my personality.
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