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I love to hear the national anthems of different countries.
There is a raging controvercy about the origin of the Indian national anthem. The views of justice Katju a high profile judge of the Indian Supreme Court are reproduced below.
The national Anthem of written by " Guruji" Ravindranath Tagore was in reality a Paen to the King of England. Later Tagore changed his tune after 25 years and claimed it was for nationalism
A dream I had nearly four years ago about singing the National Anthem in front of a huge audience.
The FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 currently held in Brazil may not be a large scale tournament compared to the coming World Cup 2014 and the time zone may present viewing problems for Europe, Asia and Africa; it is certainly an event to watch. And not just for football enthusiasts. It ...
The Best Female Vocalist in Pop and R&B Gave Us Memorable Songs to Dance to and Fall in Love With. The night before the 54th Grammy Awards one of the greatest singers of our time died. A week later she was laid to rest in her hometown of Newark, NJ. Whitney Houston was 48, yet she ...
This is a look at all four verses of our national anthem. There is a snippet of history near the end about the tune and the composer of this great song.
Independence Day is a happy occasion that everyone in a country celebrates with great joy. Every human being wants to be independent. The spirit of patriotism makes the Independence Day more meaningful.
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