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A BEAUTY ALL CAN SEE..Nature s beauty is free for everyone go see will ye
Nature is lovely pure serene and unselfish looks after animals and plants man and woman selflessly LOVE NATURE will thee
This is a true story from my youth about the nature of the world we live in and the love of He who made it.
Well then Nature seeks I have observed most of us just want to blame But we must also share it Se how
It's a poem about a frosty morning. The grass is silver and trees have beautiful white coats that help capture a scene of a magical few moments. A pale sun turns the fields of pure gold as it catches frosty ground. Some see a winter morning as just that, a winter morning. But some see...
This post has been written about the country way of life before the land enclosure laws enforced in the late eighteenth century. This part of our history is not well documented. This era is a passion of mine as the lands were free and opened there were many more plants and flowers, ma...
I once counted cars for the State of Utah which meant going to different locations throughout the state where I would park and count the cars that passed through a particular intersection or highway that day. One day I was counting in Hanksville. Now imagine nowhere, not the beginning...
Poetry, a passion. Poetry, bound by words. Poetry, lost by the moment. Poetry, a puzzle, to be found.
It's a bit complicated, but it's about a boy with an unhappy childhood. The boy turns to nature and the beauty of nature to take his mind off his problems. As he grows old he begins to think about those times and would like the opportunity to go back in time to leave his younger self ...
Analysis of nature's equal measure of time in the three equal parts between work, sleep, and personal time to keep the wheel of time whirling in perfect balance.
We must not challenge nature nor feel we are being furnaced rained or stormed she knows when what to do
Natural аnd facelift mау sound lіkе two complete opposites аnd don't ѕееm tо belong іn the ѕаmе sentence. Hоw соuld these two seemingly dіffеrеnt terms hаvе а place side bу side?
Reserve the questions, put on hold. Someday it may unfold somewhere in other places and ways. The finding may be needed in later days.
Discover the great uses of this well sort after plant and see how amazing its benefits are.
Some one composed a poem on nature I composed this in relation to my discovery how nature does nurture...
What is beauty? This poem describes beauty in the broad sense of the word. From human beings, to the effect that nature has on the human mind and heart. It discusses beauty in ways that are often overlooked in this modern age.
The cowslip and the primrose bathe in soft dewy meadows they bend in the wind, The scent of their presence rises to heaven and heaven smiles down upon them,
It seems that in winter nature takes a well earned rest. Well she does not. Nature works hard all year round we should respect her hard work.
This is purely a thought on how mother nature plays with us if we want to play with it.
Some friends go for a walk on a beautiful Spring Morning
This article is about the natural resources which is our treasure of living
A view on a hot summer day Here in the Gulf the temperature can go up 50+ and we are not supposed to go out then for you can get a sun stroke or burn your skin.
When one has the convenience to make compost at home using Vegetable waste, Fruit peel and other degradable kitchen waste one can be sure of providing healthy food for plants..
The advent of synthetics has practically made natural food coloring from plants disappear in the lives of many people in the world but thanks to indigenous people for preserving their knowledge on how to prepare these colorants and initiatives for reviving interest in this commodity. ...
I am blessed with a beautiful, lusturous and healthy but like any other gal I too get many problems ....I would like to share what I do to make my hair beautiful and lively.
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