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Nature creates many beauties for man to observe but man, being burdened with the multitude of tasks of running a family, cannot spare his time for sharing the pleasantness nature imbues. In his rush of life he is forced to abandon the easy solaces nature offers which if accepted, woul...
Recently, while watering the garden a bird was following me around. These nature murmurings, or more musings resulted from this little incident that touched me at the end of another busy day of not being so touched. It's the same with our lives. We must become alive to our real sel...
These are my collection of haiku poetry about Mother Nature.
Two short poems from a while back that I found on my phone.
These two poems celebrate the unique beauty of, first an apple and then some tulips.
Haiku that I have written on flowers and nature. I hope you enjoy reading them. Kindly let me know if I am breaking any rules of haiku, just started writing them.
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