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"Uber has been in a campaign but hasn’t been running one" realised Travis Kalanick, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the firm Uber.(1) "That is changing now"(2) he added before welcoming a new Chief Executive, the Senior Vice President for Policy & Strategy, David Plouffe.(...
I felt the poem tells a story. I feel the poem is able to touch individuals triggering them to recant a story all of their own.
They see but they take no notice. They are told but they loose focus. The signs are there but they dwell in their naivety. Is it wrong to highlight a plight that you yourself know just might simply be ignored...? That is the question I ask.
This is a poem about being in a time of need and missing an old friend!
Whether because of the many problems we face or because of our hectic lives, romance quite recently disappeared.
Have perseverance when starting a network marketing possibility. Good results does not come immediately in this sector. You need to put in the legwork so that you can see the earnings commence to roll in. Be truthful together with your desired goals and timeframes to protect yourself ...
Sugar gliders are exotic pets. Yet, one can raise them with the minimum of fuss. Thier diet requirements are simple and they are robust pets which need minimal health care. Making a cage for them is simple too.
The discrimination against a woman starts even as a child. She is not treated on par with her brothers. She is considered a burden to the family.
On this 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, we humbly remember a better, more sacred time in our nation’s history, filled with blood, and the tatters of a great man’s legacy!
Everyone of us is waiting for his or her that one wish to be fulfilled about which your brain keeps on saying will never turn to reallity..
People always ask questions before buying because they need to know what they're getting in exchange for their hard-earned money. Common sense dictates that as a retailer you need to know all the right questions people might ask so that you'd know how to answer all of them advantageou...
This poem throw lights on the memories that best friends share. Basically the poem focuses on how friends enjoy every day and then suddenly they get separated as they go to different cities or colleges.
How often this seems to be a very popular issue in the election arena
Yes people tend to make the excuse that the recession is responsible for the rise in crime
Yes this force is very compelling, something that is strong in most living beings
In can be see that in time we can see changes in human behavior
A short, silly poem about a mouse that was found under the floor, and was found running along a pipe.
This page is just touching on affection and how not giving it can really damper someone's spirits who feel that they may want or need it.
Wednesday weekly prompt from Robert Brewer to write a confused poem. Something I feel as well for being a woman I have been in these shoes that the poem speaks of.
Development of Inner Potential is vital for everyone. It can be achieved through proper study of self and understanding the meaning of life.
April PAD Challenge Day 25 from Robert Brewer to use the phrase Everyone (blank) with filling the blank to write a poem. In this case the blank is filled with Needs Love.
April PAD Challenge Day 8 from Writing Knights to write a poem about Everyday Heroes.
April PAD Challenge Day 12 from Robert Brewer to write a broken poem.
Food banks always need donations. They often get things such as tuna and peanut butter but some people do not want to eat fish and others are allergic to peanuts. There are many different nutritional needs that people have and as such you might want to consider some of these concern...
Prompt from one of my Deviant Art writing groups. Write a poem about the future.
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