Pages tagged with Needing

This page is just touching on affection and how not giving it can really damper someone's spirits who feel that they may want or need it.
This is simple a poem written in the perspective of 'Doubt' and how it can ruin a relationship, but here I wanted to show that it doesn't have to. That a relationship can get passed it.
War. What can be said of it? Within each war stands the truth.This truth was played out in the Year of 1944
This is a short story poem dramatization about two acquaintances that share a secret admiration for one another while never looking any further...Playing it safe may protect the heart but lost opportunities are sometimes gone forever... If you love or admire someone open your heart an...
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 7 describing a scene in which two or more people interact without speaking. Dedicated to my husband Troy.
This is another romantic, love poem. I hope you enjoy it!
A poem about the restless feeling that lies within me.
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