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Until now I had only lived in one other apartment, a two bedroom with my mother. Now I live in a one bedroom with my youngest child and it has taken some getting used to; I am still getting used to it.
The team worked together to take back their neighborhood. Everyone is relieved that this ordeal is behind them. It was rough for awhile but life should get back to normal now. Dad is very proud of the team and is planning a party in their honor.
The gang left the abandoned building and walked home in the rain. Robert was thankful everyone was safe but Molly wished they'd went into the garage. Milly's allergies were acting up and Sally smelled like the dumpster.
Dad and Molly went to the junkyard. Dad came home and went into seclusion, he refused to share his thoughts with Molly. She decided to keep a close eye on him. Milly spotted the 63 Chevy Impala in the middle of night. This time the car didn't stop at the corner, it just kept going ...
Molly and Dad went to the junkyard, by the Jersey shore. They were following up an idea Molly had about a chop shop in the area. They met a nice lady in the office. Dad asked for a list of parts for Chevy Impalas. She gave him a list of their inventory. The lady said they didn't kee...
Milly just finished the night shift and found a clue. An older car drove by and Milly snapped a picture. Molly, Milly and Robert went to look for the old car at the corner but when they got there it was gone. They were going to share the information with Dad.
The first day of the bloc watch brought no new clues to the burglaries and there's still no sign of the neighborhood raccoon. Dad informed Molly that there had been another break in and he was not happy about it. Milly was going to spend another night watching the neighborhood.
In the last story Molly and Milly were vacationing with their family in Carolina beach. They survived two storms, a murder and temperatures reaching 105 degrees in the shade. They are happy to be home in Jersey, with a large reward for services rendered.
This is the final chapter of "A Vampire and A Dragon" and Zoey has just met the young girl that lives in the old stone house. Zoey is terrified and is sure that life is over as she knows it. She believes she will either be turned into a vampire or worse yet die.
Is it possible for a vampire and a dragon to be friends? The new neighbors have moved in and Zoey the dragon wants to meet them more than anything. Yesterday she had tried and failed but today was a new day.
Lincoln Way at first glance gives the feel of being dark and diabolical. The ugly ruins and debris make the entire neighborhood an eyesore and the perfect location for any red eyed beast to call home. Rumors concerning the abandoned and haunting neighborhood have resulted in many para...
Each and every month before he passed we visited Old Bill down the lane, an old time hard-rock miner who had a way of telling stories that always made me laugh.
Sometimes it is unbearable when fair treatment and justice have become a luxury. When truth and lies are mixed and confusion and chaos created among people and neighbors. How evil human beings turn out to be and where the real purpose of humanity demises...
This poem speaks about the value of a neighbour, A good is like a blessing for all, Because when we are in need our neighbours are the one, Who reach out their helping hand to us.
There is a misconception concerning anger; that is it is a sin to become angry. However, the premise is that anger is a God given right; however, it is how we use which needs explanation. It is therefore the case that once angry one can learn to use it as a motivator of good.
This article is a recollection of the public service activities of Zarathruster in his local community.
There is no better feeling than running as the sun rises, when all is still, calm, quiet.
This article is about the neighborhood problems and the ways to solve it
This page is about the neighbors who is depending us for each and every thing
Our neighbors playing an important role in our life. Everyday we are in need to face them for various thing as they are in our nearby houses
This article is about making a good friendship with our neighbors. Move friendly with your neighbors.
This is a Poem been dedicated to Pregnant women in Labor. It simply brings out the tough experience they go through, the pains they suffer from and their reaction during this situation. Some even go as far as cursing and hating (their Men, especially)..... But everything is for a whil...
A random act of kindness can make someone's day. I started trying to do at least one random act of kindness a day. In doing this, I've learned that a small gesture can surprise some unexpected person and make them smile. What I didn't know would happen is that it would make me real...
Though I love the people in my neighborhood I don't live in the best area. Sleep is sometimes difficult to come by. No complaints, it is what it is and this is what I got from it. Enjoy the poem.
My neighbour's dog does his business on my lawn. This short offering is what I'd like to say to her.
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