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Until now I had only lived in one other apartment, a two bedroom with my mother. Now I live in a one bedroom with my youngest child and it has taken some getting used to; I am still getting used to it.
Marzeus and his family are going to have new neighbours: Uncle Gus and Auntie René will be moving in to the house down the street.
What side of the debate to you stand on when it comes to smoking.
Molly just got back from checking out the neighborhood. There was no sight of a 72 Impala. She was watching one of her shows in the family room when a news bulletin came across the screen. There was another burglary.
Molly and Milly came home from vacation to learn there have been several robberies in the area. Molly is trying to come up with a plan and Milly is a mess.
Molly, Milly and Dad have just arrived in New York City. They are driving through traffic on their way to the apartment complex. Dad and Molly have gone over all Dad's notes and they think they know who the murderer is but, Milly's got a bad feeling about this take down.
Reggie and Sylvia Mills lived in the next building from me. They were a delightful elderly couple that I befriended until they past away.
Zoey's been home resting since her accident. She was starting to feel better and she had a new plan. She had her heart set on meeting the new neighbors in the old stone house. Her best friend Duece was up and walking again and her cousin Chloe was staying for the summer. Life was ...
Zoey has her heart set on meeting the new neighbors. The first day she fell in a big puddle and ran home soaking wet. The second day she tried to spy but the house was closed up tight. Tonight she has enlisted the help of her best friend Duece to do an undercover operation.
Zoey has had no luck in meeting the new neighbors. Mom has agreed to let Zoey go to the store for some supplies but she has to stay on the opposite side of the street from the old stone house. Mom thinks the house is haunted.
Is it possible for a vampire and a dragon to be friends? The new neighbors have moved in and Zoey the dragon wants to meet them more than anything. Yesterday she had tried and failed but today was a new day.
Zoey wants to get a glimpse of the new neighbors. She knows there's a girl that lives there because she saw a big doll house. Zoey is dressed in her finest clothes. If she should happen to run into someone from the house they will be very impressed with her.
New neighbors are moving into the old neighborhood. Can a dragon and a vampire become friends?
My mother loved animals even though she has some fear about strays. This is a story she told me many times about her life.
Each and every month before he passed we visited Old Bill down the lane, an old time hard-rock miner who had a way of telling stories that always made me laugh.
This is a flash-fiction story about two friends making plans for a date.
Sometimes it is unbearable when fair treatment and justice have become a luxury. When truth and lies are mixed and confusion and chaos created among people and neighbors. How evil human beings turn out to be and where the real purpose of humanity demises...
neighbors a movie by zac and perfect sisters movie review for those action upcoming movies.
There is a misconception concerning anger; that is it is a sin to become angry. However, the premise is that anger is a God given right; however, it is how we use which needs explanation. It is therefore the case that once angry one can learn to use it as a motivator of good.
A Childhood Tragedy that has haunted me for 41 years, and will continue to do so until the day I die. God, bless little children, and pray they have parents who watch over them and keep them safe!
Daily steps we can take as human beings to have a more faith-filled existence and make decisions with more confidence and trust in ourselves.
Life is made up of neighbors, church members, people you work with, your health, and family. I think that there are so many people who have been hurt by losing their loved ones, their jobs, some don't have a church family,or don't trust people period and some are experiencing health p...
This article is about the neighborhood problems and the ways to solve it
This explains how we spray the orchard and keep it bug free. This sprayer holds 400 gallons of spray material.
This page is about the neighbors who is depending us for each and every thing
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