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Here I go into the history of mankind or perhaps beastly-kind for those who are agents of the darkness for greed and power create wars causing killing and has been going on forever and still does...unfortunately...
An opinion piece equating Nero's fiddling as Rome burned with how President Obama is handling the crises confronting him today.
Emperor Nero had a penchant for lusty encounters with whoever, whatever caught his eye. It mattered not he was a superior being or so he thought just as we have silly men and women today who feel the same about themselves...find them we do everywhere..
This is a review of Nero's d├ębut album "Welcome Reality"
This is the story of Spartacus (The Gladiator who fought Rome) from how he became to be a gladiator to his final demise. Read on to find out how one man stood up to the might of the Roman Republic,
Nero The end of a Dynasty and the beginning of the end of Rome
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