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The past ten months have certainly had their challenges, having been temporarily blind, facing my worst fear, yet moving on. Now I face a cornea transplant inside the next fourteen days and am looking forward to that time with some trepidation.
College orientation coming up? Nervous? Well, whether you're biting your nails or not, here are a few useful tips for making your college orientation positively memorable.
The last series of Dancing on Ice was on ITV tonight, and with it came the cream of past competitors. As a Gareth Gates fan I watched with nervous trepidation to see if he could go through. Read on to find out more.
A contract for a heart is made, and then broken; and a new potential love is found.
Leo is my 6 year old golden retriever, but right now he can't retrieve anything. read on to find out more.
Two mercenaries are sent to retrieve something from a long abandoned- and vaguely horrific- research facility, inside of which nothing should have survived. They soon suspect this might not be the case.
There are many people in this world who get nervous on facing new people or new places in life and life will be tough for these people
Dealing with the pressure and nervousness of a first date
As I hoped to make a good impression, the wrong words came tumbling out...
It describes how a single day changed my life,thoughts and actually happened with me.I just wanted to share with you all!!!
Get answers about why your limbs fall asleep easily.
These are the moment when that trend of thought seems to be wipe out
Everybody fears interviews. Only the intensity is high or low. This article provides some tips for overcoming the interview fear, following which can increase the success rate of your interviews.
When looking for a cure for shyness (or the more serious counterpart social phobia), keep in mind that it didn't just happen, and it won't go away instantly. The chances are great that if you are shy today, you will have shyness every day for the rest of your life.
This week, the celebrities had to vote off their rivals, and they were not happy about it.
Sometimes we just have to face up to our fears, and this is my account of how I tried so hard to.
Finding out what my Best friend wanted and now has got done!!! A boob operation that is not needed really!!! But what am I to say!?? I'm blessed though... But not as perky though!!! :-(
Out of childcare for a while... Could this be the Ideal job?
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