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The one thing which makes birds different from all other animals and humans is that they can FLY.The flight of a bird was an inspiration for many inventors who could later create planes and helicopters. The Beautiful Feathers of the birds attract the observers most .Let's learn more...
Do you know anything about a peregrine falcon? Have you ever heard of one? In this writing, I will tell you as much as I know about peregrine falcons from research.
The Midwich Cuckoos have it sometimes difficult in foreign magpie nests. In particular, when they are the only strangers. I then need as quickly as possible forth new foster parents.
The first part of a chilling series: The unknown and forgotten are always just around the corner, and sometimes they are no further than within. Take a trip to the uncharted, but beware . . . you might discover frontiers that already have been . . . even within yourself.
Ospreys are a bird of prey and they are known to mate for life. They only accept another mate when one of the pair dies.
Are you finding enough time to spend with your family every day?
A California bases creator Jayson Fann is offering nest type sleeping arrangement at Treebones resort on the big sur coast
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