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The Netherlands is quite a small country in comparison to some of its neighbours but it has plenty of interesting places for tourists.
Do you know people with a Peter Pan syndrome? I believe Michael Jackson had one.
A funny story involving a learning opportunity from a 'false friend' in the Dutch language
Argentina beat Netherlands, in a match that went down to wire, to advance to the finals of the World Cup.
Germany created history with its spectacular win over host nation Brazil in the 2014 World Cup.
Netherlands come from behind to shock Mexico in the round of 16.
Two important countries in Europe like the United Kingdom and the Netherlands still have monarchies. Both are constitutional monarchies yet they are an institution by themselves. However both monarchies have subtle differences that distinguish them from each other
An overview of the effects or otherwise of the monarchical system as practiced in the UK, Netherlands, Spain and Australia
A new factory will start producing MINI cars in the Netherlands after 47 years...
Saif who was knowledgeable at the London School of Economics (LSE) was acknowledged by numerous as the nation's absolute executive of Libya. The point when revolt drives to disintegrate the power of his father, Saif declines to leave Libya.
The world fastest superbus is innovated by Netherlands’ Delft University of Technology under the cource of Professor wubbo Ockels. The bus will complete the distance in between Dubai and Abudhabi in 30 minutes.
Giethoorn village located in right in the middle of the De weiden nature reserve, is other than known as Venice of the Netherlands
The concept of Divorce Hotel was developed by Jim Halfens of Netherlands, in a country where the average divorce would be very heavy.
Netherlands tulips are famous in the world, acres of land was farming tulip plants. It is very beautiful to look tulip fields
More hotels in the great city of Amsterdam for those who wish to travel.
She is just a vegetable and is in the state of Coma for last 38 years in ICU of KEM Hospital Mumbai. If read this article carefully I am sure you would ponder a while before leaving your comment!
Amsterdam in Netherlands is one of Europe's travel destination. Experience cosmopolitan shopping and leisure travel tours around Amsterdam. Visit countryside tours at cheesemaking shop, clog shoes maker, and villages with traditional Dutch windmills.
For travel-minded young people aged 18-35, Contiki Tours are a superb way to see Europe and all it has to offer. With a group of people just as interested in exploring its amazing cities and landscapes as you, there are countless opportunities to make new friendships and have a holida...
Keukenhof Flower Spring Garden is a famous floral display with tulips, crocuses, hyacinths, and daffodils during Holland spring season. A major tourist attraction in Netherlands.
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Yes, I would have given a lot to be in the company of such beauties as Benny Hill!" - I thought accidentally looking through amateur photo in the Spanish resort of Marbella. But suddenly I discovered that all Spanish women on photo - it's my hotel staff who looks so inaccessible durin...
There is a good news that we could avoid toothache in the future.
They World Cup fever is on and everyone's waiting for the finals. The war will go between Netherlands and Spain. Who do you think will win?
The cycling and the scenery of France. One of the toughest endurance races you can do in Lycra on two wheels.
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