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TCP / IP is a data communications standard used by the Internet community in the process of exchanging data from one computer to another computer on the Internet networks. This protocol can not stand alone, because this protocol is a set of protocols (protocol suite). This protocol is...
The Internet is a combination of many interconnected networks, each of which consists of nodes (e.g., computers and routers) and links (e.g., cables and optical fibers). Structurally, this framework is similar to all networks in areas as diverse as biology, sociology, and statistics.
Well I am the epitome of the old saying "Jack of all trades and master of none" for the most part but there are a few things that I have proven to be extremely talented in that can benefit you!
A Computer Network is a collection of computers and terminal devices connected together by a communication system. A computer network must include more than one computer system ,otherwise it is an ordinary on-line system.
News on blogs tends to be more current than the news in the paper, or on television. Unlike news delivered by these other media, news that appears on blogs does not have to travel through a series of editors and administrators before it reaches the public eye. This has some advantages...
How to earn some money online in whatever spare time you have.
PN services provider that enables our users from all around the world to enjoy Free Internet thought fast, secure and reliable servers.
As a consequence of terrorist attacks on the WTC (world trade center) on 11 September 2001, corporations are refocusing their consideration on the wide variety of areas in which their association may be defenseless rather than focusing merely on server redundancy.
Network administration is process to successfully administrate workstations and servers.
Going wireless from a cable modem was so easy even I did it in ten minutes with a wireless G band router from Cisco.
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