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It's popular to attack the salaries of CEOs and decry the salaries of a factory worker.
This is a report of how I am doing since my surgery. It is also my way of saying thank you to some heroes who really stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the ninth and swung for some home runs during this time by reaching out to my wife and I with love and prayers of support.
This page is about my recent neursurgery. I had a pinched nerve at the L4-L5 level , which was corrected by surgery on Monday June 24. This is a report about that surgery.
Announcing my upcoming back surgery and leave of absence. I broke my back some time ago and finally am getting the damage repaired.
"Proof of Heaven," by Dr. Eben Alexander is an amazing read for those who are interested in the topic of life after death.
A boy from the black ghettos of Detroit rises from his disadvantaged background to become a world celebrated nerurosurgeon and an inspiration to us all.
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