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The worst state to work for. Hey, lawyers this is the state where you can make a great living suing businesses. Wow, they're still so cave man like stage.
There are many myths about Las vegas, read on to find out more. You might think Vegas is a magical city that pour you tons of money but no way jose
Funny crazy things about Las Vegas. There are many crazy things about Vegas and I'm not done yet with just one post, you will get more
The best parties are here, and here is a list of the best nightclub to party in Las vegas. Don't go to the bad ones. You have heard it from a local.
The haunted Kelsay house has out of control ghosts that consistently wreak havoc on the family. Jim and Susie Kelsay are concerned that the entity is focused on their young daughter, Jennifer. The Kelsay's describe the dark and diabolical experiences lurking in their home as unnerving...
Las Vegas nevada has the worst employment laws in the nation. I thought working in a communist country was more prideful. Why don't they just go back to stone age. Stop disrespecting employees and keeping it all for themselves.
Celebrities come forward and share the details of their supernatural experiences when they were forced to deal with unexpected paranormal activity that came their way by chance, circumstance or by luck.
The town of Tonopah is located halfway between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. The silver and gold boom of the early1900's quickly breathed life into the small community. The Mizpah Hotel opened to the public in 1907 to accommodate the miners. According to the thousands of visitors who ha...
Haunted Vehicles and Their Hidden History: From the Junkyard to Your Driveway
The National Weather Service on heat wave has this to say. It's important for people, especially for the aged, weak, and those prone to get sick at both extremes of weather, to do precautionary measures to prevent the ill-effects of this kind of harsh weather when it sets in, not to ...
How is the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas? I think it's an awesome casino for the young and hip people who like to party and party.
Here are some tips to get around Las Vegas if you will be here. It's a pretty crowded place you will need to know exactly how to get around it.
Here are some funny things that I've observed about people coming to las vegas
There are a lot of discounts for fun and entertainment in las vegas. Here are some tips.
It's hard to keep a marriage together in Las Vegas. Well, this is the sex industry and there are so many temptation here for them.
There are so many funny things about Las Vegas and here are some of them.
Gambling is always dangerous, but if you have self control, you can win some. Here are some tips.
There are a lot of places that tourists should not go into in Vegas and here are some.
Vegas has all sorts of free events and some of them are top notch events too like Cirque Sol Lei, find out how to get them
Las Vegas is a great travel destination but they also have a lot of disasters too by those drunken strippers. Scams are abundant here.
There are too many things wrong with casinos in Las Vegas. I would like to leak them like Snowden Edward did. Please see my leaks.
Do you know some of best hotels in Vegas? Here are some from a local Vegas. These have great service and amenities.
If you're ever in Vegas, you can save lots on these great buffet for close to nothing price.
These are hotels that are very cheap in Las Vegas. I'm sure we an all use some saving.
If you're with your kids in Las Vegas, here are a few things you can do here.
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