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Writing essays is an excellent expression of art in clear thoughts. When we make an attempt to write an essay, we clearly grasp the subject matter ,about which we have gathered depth of knowledge and free thinking.Otherwise writing the essay may be torn into pieces and.thrown into...
It is about a new start and new beginning that starting today I will be a new me that completes myself
So this is a boring voila type of shindig and honestly, I have no idea what this entails. Let's find out, shall we?
Metaphorically speaking of a butterfly representing someone who is ready for change and deticated to her new beginning of independent growth. While at the same time wanting to share her new found beginning with another butterfly. Will they ever find peace within them both as a whol...
This is bascially about getting back with a ex from a past relationship. There are limits you should set. And boundaries that you should be aware of before complicating a past relationship with your ex into a maybe mistake. There is a difference between starting over and a fresh ne...
March snow brings hopes of a new beginning in spring as I watch the deer grazing around my pond!
Catering to whims and fancies of our body leads us to nowhere as it feeds on greed only. Time to make a new beginning to leave a lasting and positive legacy that benefits all and in line with nature.
A widowed wfe wants to start over in a new city. She has many memories of her husband
This poem is about a person thinking back when he was younger. That feeling of love that filled his heart which later on as he got older he lost feeling of love in his heart.
I wrote these poems about dreaming, making a beginning, and finding inspiration. Believe, Dream, and Inspire.......these three words are what I have focused on in this article as I believe what we think about, with the help of what inspires us, is how we achieve and become.
Business is a risky job may work may not,if successfull you will reach the skies with your hard work,if not you may get stripped,Thinking is necessary,planning is necessary,proper guidance is necessary,So plan and learn a bit before you start which is very necessary.
As human beings we pay very little attention to the reality of our spiritual make-up. We need to gain knowledge about this in order to gain a proper perspective of the reason for our existence. Everything in life will then make sense.
Poem asking the spirtual world of angels and guides to protect me from evil negative forces and help me live a better and more fullfilling life
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