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So what do you do when you think it's time to retire and move in to a brand new place you can retire in, but you like your current home and don't want to move? Well, if you're my parents you just build a new wing on the same property and retire to that. Viola! All new surroundings ...
Adopted child is the gift of God.How the adopted child are handed over to newly adoptive parents within a reasonable time is quite demanding. In recent times adoption is no longer taboo in the society, rather welcome in the family.
A Said Moment For My Country Quake measuring 6.8 in magnitude in Awaran, with epicentre about 30km away from previous tremor, claims more lives.
The first day at school has been a traumatic experience for three-year-old Jenny who steps into school for the first time. The first day in a new world scares almost every child. What can be done to encourage such a child positively?
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