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Sharing the benefits of breastfeeding to help you decide to go through that journey with your precious little one...
My public diary for consumption and critique. I hope you enjoy reading.
My personal musings of motherhood and my journey as a new mother
Unless you are the new mom, keep these comments to yourself.
Jakarta, many new mothers experience difficulty and pain when going to breastfeed her baby the first time. Because the stress Mother's Milk (ASI) that would not go out, many new mothers who give up and rely on the formula.
Being a parent is very happy and make you nervous. Behind the feeling of happiness, such as questions swirled: How do I go about this new role? What should I do in caring for a baby?. As a new mother, you certainly want to do what's best for your baby. However, unconsciously, you oft...
Just a few thoughts I had one day, when I was by myself, thinking.
The mental development of our baby isn’t far behind as he grows physically. The first six (6) months are crucial to our baby’s emotional and intellectual development. Our baby is already learning through stimulus association. Here are some basic brain boosters for our baby.
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