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Today marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, one of the most devastating natural disasters in U.S. history.
The Acadians were french people who lived mostly in the Maritimes before confederation. They were expelled from British lands in Canada because they would not sign the oath of allegiance..
An idea for a vertical twofold helix gondola ride by the name of the Tricentennial Tower has been proposed for New Orleans. The configuration demonstrates the ride as a perception tower on top and gondola ride beneath and is one piece of new plans for the redevelopment of the World Tr...
Some poems about my beloved home,Louisiana; and the myths,legends,and carnival season.
Many of us became familiar with Anne Rice in the mid-1970s when her novel, Interview with the Vampire, was published. This novel was written in 1973, when Rice was a graduate student, and not published until 1976. From this novel, several other novels concerning the main character ca...
just a write up of my move to New Orleans and a few pictures
Louisiana Senator is a conservative Democrat with some influence. Because Mary Landrieu but one of Obama's party, the voters turn away from her. Her last hope is that blacks storm the Congress election on Tuesday at the polls.
love goes on, it grows up, it moves out of town, it marries someone else. love goes on no matter how much we beg it to stay
The top ten haunted houses that Zillow has chosen are notorious for their reports of ghostly activity, strange occurrences, beautiful architecture and they possess the power to creep out even the strongest of minds when it comes to those that have a hard time digesting paranormal acti...
The Georgia triple murder case that made headlines in 1909 due to the nature of the crime has resurfaced. Citizens are in fear of an unknown axe wielding murderer, committing horrendous acts on innocent people. The case is making headlines in the Savannah Morning News that possibly re...
Mayor Ray Nagin took advantage of Katrina devastation to enrich himself.
The small town of Venice, Louisiana has earned the nickname "The End of the World." This is because it is the last community down the Mississippi that is accessible by automobile.
This island was destroyed by a hurricane in 1856. This island was a popular pleasure resort that was located southwest of New Orleans on the south shore of the state of Louisiana.
I-55 is a major north-south Interstate Highway that runs through the middle of the United States. This is the Parish in which I have lived 43 years and this interstate is the way I travel everyday.
Avery Island is the home of the famous Tobasco Sauce. A great place to visit or to take a vacation is Avery Island.
A major colonial architectural tradition of old Louisiana is the French Creole homes. It is rare to find French Creole architecture built outside of this state.
Poetry, Memories of childhood. Nature poetry. Poetry about my home, Louisiana
Sunday, 12th of May: a Mother's Day parade took place at New Orleans. What nobody was expecting was a crime to happen in a celebration of such an important day. A shooting injured at least 19 people...
When the New Orleans women did their laundry on Mondays, it was a steamy affair with no AC, perfect time for redbeans and rice, a relatively easy dish for those exacting cooks, but incredibly delicious in their capable hands.
Life in New Orleans, the friendly and pungent side
My NFL Football team picks for week #1, including a short summary.
Much has been written about homosexuality. The subject stirs up emotions and great debate. But, is it a sin that would make a person lose their salvation?
God gave me a great opportunity to preach in a bar on Bourbon Street.
A look at Tennessee William's treatment of Blanche Dubois in his play, A Streetcar Named Desire.
Bix Beiderbecke was the best cornet player who ever lived. Unfortunately, he didn't live very long.
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