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This phrase occurs in the book of Galatians, but Paul doesn't explain it. Here is the answer to the question, "What did Paul mean by that phrase?"
A study of the archaeological finds in the last 150 years has substantially proven the trustworthiness of events, places, people, and customs found in the Bible.
God orders that a census be taken of the males from twenty years old and upward in all tribes except the Levites.
The Children of Israel rejoice and praise the Lord their God wh has saved them from the Egyptians.
We ought to be thankful that God Our Creator has provided for us everything that we need to let the past go and move on. Just about everybody probably has a desire to let go of past hurts but may not be willing to forgive.
This is an article on the word June and its meanings. Junia is a variation of June, Juno was a Roman Goddess and Junia was an apostle of Christ.
Excerpt from The Universes of God 3: The Chronicles of the Antichrist
God tempts Abraham by telling him to take his son Isaac, the boy who had been born to him and Sarah in their old age, and sacrifice him as a burnt offering.
Jesus walked among us to teach us about how we could follow in his steps. He waited for justice, however, he found none. He was found with no deceit in his mouth, he did not retaliate nor did he make any threats. He took the judgement handed to him for our sins so that we might have e...
Some thoughts on the many Predictions of when the world will end.
Yes, the Bible is an ancient library and people who often have visited the place considered its message important and relevant. One of the main reasons for its continued, consistent popularity as it speaks to your needs and gives you answers to your personal problems.
The Universes of God 3: The Chronicles of The Antichrist preview
Understanding what the bible says has never been easy for me. Questions arise on my mind. Who is Elijah?
The Universes of God III: The Chronicles of the Antichrist Preview
To children must be constantly talking. In today's is tough being a parent. It is a great responsibility for all of us parents with children, does not matter biological or adopted.
About the writings of Twe Stephens, A Different ind of Christian Author...
It is hard to kick against the pricks of the simplicity of Jesus' teachings though they have been muddied to the point many makes no sense - everything somehow being a mystery and a why, ignoring the fact that God gives answers to all who seek him.
place your medical ‘Radars’ the ‘Treatment lights’ through the Hospitals beds those who known believers within their own Lord to secure their health and make them to run from hospital beds as any criminal run from Secure Police criminal unit or Jail in the nearest Church to pa...
the 40 years in the desert - a different perspective...
What really happened to Pilate; was his wife's prophecy true...
The Apostle Paul references some very positive things about the church in Thessalonica
What did Paul mean when he spoke of 'suffering the loss of all things'?
Have you wondered why those that love God suffer - it just might be for the glory of God. Who in the flesh knows what fruit their suffering has; just imagine the rewards you might have waiting...
The Pharisees wanted Jesus more than their next breath and few stood up to them - for they were the feared power in all of Israel.
Learn the truth of Election, Freewill, and predestination in a story form based on scripture.
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