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It is a funny thing about intuition and being psychic. When you try too hard to be it, it never happens. When you are easygoing and understandingly patient about it happening it does. My case is the latter case: I did not expect it at all, and I approached it in a "strangely" easygoin...
Adam continues to do well in school although there is now a new teacher in the school. He fishes with his father during the summer getting a half-share.
There comes a time on the spiritual path when things can be somewhat confusing. That's the time when it's important to know the difference between whether you're losing your grip or letting go. The following contains some ideas and suggestions.
One of the constant challenges of writing is being relevant! With so much material available on the Internet it sometimes seems that it is impossible to be noticed, your quality original article versus all the noise, how can you make a difference?
It’s often said that this time of what many are calling “The Shift of the Ages” is a time of “remembering”, but here’s a different approach to the definition of the word.
Do we do what we do simply because we love to do it or for some anticipated rewarding result? Time passes much too quickly not to seize the moment of revelatory opportunity and passionate involvement. Do it Now!
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