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Exercise is vital to your health from the inside out. You can do it! Once your doctor clears you for outdoor fitness, join me in the quest for better health. Cheers to our success!!
As it has been written, our planet has rolled on its sublime course, and has brought the year and our task to their last moments. Soon another circle of the seasons will have been completed, adding one more to the years of the past and stamping on myriads of human creatures another su...
It's that time of year again but are New Year resolutions really the best way to achieve your goals?
Learn how to lose weight, get in shape, and become more healthy; from someone who isn't selling anything and it won't cost you a dime!
Basically, and obviously, just a 'happy new year' greeting from your truly *smile*
With the beginning of a new year comes a fresh start, an opportunity to make a new years resolution to better ourselves in some way.
Here comes another year and you now try to again make another plan on how to have a happier and fruitful year for yourself and your loved ones. Maybe the easiest thing to do is to get your list of resolutions last year and just change the year…hahaha! Here are some tips and guide on...
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