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The debate over US arms supplies to Ukraine seem decided: Vice President Biden has spoken out against it.
One of the alleged assassins of Paris was, according to media reports, several months in a training camp of Al Qaeda in Yemen. Together with his brother he was on the no-fly list in the United States.
Pittsburgh never had it so good with the Spaghetti Warehouse, who offers a generous selection of lunch and dinner specials. Most of the lunch entrees and many of the dinner favorites are under ten dollars. The Sicilian Sampler is the perfect choice for true Italian lovers, and their g...
Frequent reports of ghosts at the mansion have put it on the list as one of the most haunted houses in the United States. Guests are often awakened by a black woman in a green turban lifting the mosquito netting on their bed so that she can have a closer look at the occupants. Guests ...
The Copper Queen Hotel is adored by the ghosts who once stayed here during their life, and it is loved by the thousands of visitors who have had the luxury of staying here today. It has been proven to be haunted by many different paranormal investigators that have documentation provin...
When the New York Times editorial board, to which the White House pays close attention, calls for Edward Snowden to be allowed to come back to America without being imprisoned, that is big news indeed.
That unique twist to Mr. Rooney's Sunday segment will always be treasured.
How do you expect those taxpayers to be comfortable with the fact that their taxes are being used to commit a sin against their religious beliefs.
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